ACCREDITED SURVEYORS NORTH WEST - Why is being accredited so important?

ACCREDITED SURVEYORS NORTH WEST – Why is being accredited so important?

Here at Trafford Surveyors, we pride ourselves on being RICS certified. But we understand that some people don’t realise the importance of using accredited surveyors North West. Or what that accreditation actually means.  We wanted to spend some time to explain to those not familiar with the industry what RICS is. And also why you should always use the services of companies that have been fully trained and experienced in their fields, such as our team at Trafford Surveyors.

Accredited Surveyors North West

RICS stands for Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, and they are the body that regulates chartered surveyors all over the world. To be classed as a fully trained chartered surveyor, you would have to complete the accreditation course that then gives you the certification and ability to go out and work legally as a chartered surveyor.

We make sure that everyone of our team has been trained to the best level. All their training is done to comply with the RICS accreditation. All of our surveyors  have completed a minimum of two years’ practical experience before taking the accreditation tests. They can only be classed as trained once they have completed this. This means that we are able to conduct fair and knowledgeable surveys. We hope that this accreditation gives all of our customers that extra peace of mind; knowing that you can rely of a company that has been trained to the highest standard.

Thanks to these accreditation our team are fully qualified to carry out a range of surveys which include; commercial or residential surveys, snagging reports and rebuilding costs reports. We want to make sure that we can offer a full chartered surveyors service.

Trafford Surveyors

As a company, Trafford Surveyors have three main offices based in Hale, Birmingham and London. As a result, it means we can a huge amount of the UK. This in turn lets us offer our highly skilled professional services all around the country. If you are looking into any of the services we offer, or just need an impartial conversation on what would be best for you and your future property, please feel free to get in contact with us, or drop us an email!


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