Home Surveys Manchester - Find the right home survey for you.

Home Surveys Manchester – Find the right home survey for you.

Buying a new house can be a huge task, something that many people find very daunting. Here at Trafford Surveyors, we want to make it as easy as possible for people to make the right decision on whether or not to buy the property. That’s why we provide a range of home surveys Manchester. All of our experienced chartered surveyors can help and advise you when it comes to deciding which survey would work best for your potential property. We are regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) which means our work is always held to the highest standard.

Home Surveys Manchester

There are six main home surveys Manchester and they are:

  • RICS Condition Report
  • RICS HomeBuyer Report
  • RICS Building Survey
  • Full Building Survey
  • New-build Snagging Survey
  • Mortgage Valuation Survey

The Condition Report is the most ‘basic’ report, which is more suited to newer builds and homes in a good condition. You won’t get any advice or valuation with this survey. However, the HomeBuyer Report is a step up, as a result it will look into any structural problems and hidden issues on the inside and outside. But it won’t look beyond the floorboards or behind the walls, which is a key thing to remember.

The Full Building and RICS Building Survey are the most comprehensive type of survey. The only difference between the two is that the RICS survey has a simpler style, that contains a numbered ratings system. The detailed reports cover the properties condition eg: defects, repairs and maintenance.

New-build Snagging Surveys are independent inspections that look for issues on the property. The developer should fix any faults before you actually move in.

And finally, the mortgage valuation survey. This is unlike the other surveys, as technically it’s classed as a valuation of the house. This means it won’t point out any faults or issues etc. This valuations is to reassure the lender that the property is worth the amount its being priced at.

Trafford Surveyors

All of our surveyors are here to help; when it comes to any questions or issues you might have with any surveying services. We have a few different branches across the UK, so get in contact with one of our team today and start your journey to a new home the right way!

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