QUANTITY SURVEYOR HALE – What is a quantity surveyor?

QUANTITY SURVEYOR HALE – What is a quantity surveyor?

A construction project is probably one of the biggest challenges you will undertake. The cost of the project is a major factor and no matter how experienced the professionals you hire to help you, it can be difficult to stop things getting pricey. That’s where a quantity surveyor, Hale will come in. It’s best to hire a RICS qualified surveyor in the planning stages of your project. This way, they can prevent any issues from occurring in the first place, rather than trying to fix them, which is a lot more costly. So what exactly does a quantity surveyor, Hale do?

A quantity surveyor is the professional you entrust with the job of estimating the final cost of the project and making sure it’s carried out efficiently. The estimate will include the cost of labour as well as materials and services. No matter the size of the project, it is important to know costs before construction begins or costs could spiral without your knowledge.

Quantity Surveyor, Hale, Cheshire

Quantity Surveyors occupy a number of roles, not least of all the estimates. They are responsible for making sure the project is completed on time and within your specified budget. They will inspect the construction site and oversee the general progress of the project. Quite often, surveyors will not release the full budget to the works initially. This is to enable them to divide the budget equally and manage it without the risk of overspending.

The surveyor will also be responsible for building inspections and enforcing the building regulations of the city. They will also assist with insurance assessments, claims assistance, defect investigations, maintenance and settling disputes among contracting parties.

Ultimately, a quantity surveyor, Hale has an extremely crucial role when it comes to your renovation or construction project.

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