SURVEYING SERVICES MANCHESTER - Providing you with the right service.

SURVEYING SERVICES MANCHESTER – Providing you with the right service.

Buying a property can be daunting enough, but how do you know that everything is what it seems? Easy! By using our range of surveying services Manchester.

Here at Trafford Surveyors, we have been a part of the Hale community for the past 20 years. Within those years, we have grown into an independent firm of extensively trained surveyors. As a company, we also service properties in Manchester, Merseyside and even as far out as Chester.  As a team, we are able complete residential surveys. However, we also carry out surveys for commercial properties, energy assessments and local authority services.

Surveying Services Manchester

Two of the main services we deliver are home surveys and energy performance ratings.

Getting a Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) home survey can help you understand the internal state of the property, and whether any work will need to be done once you purchase the property. We are regulated by RICS which gives you, the buyer, an extra piece of mind when choosing to work with us.

Most properties also need a Energy Performance Certificate, which shows the energy efficiency and also gives the property a efficiency rating. This rating is then valid on the property for ten years. We at Trafford Surveyor can provide this service for a range of properties, commercial or residential. Our in-house surveyors are accredited to carry out energy surveys by RICS.

Trafford Surveyors

Those are just two of the surveying services Manchester that we offer at Trafford Surveyors. We pride ourselves on being an independent firm, which means we don’t have any hidden agendas. We want to provide a range of surveying services to the highest standard, to make sure that we can offer you the information you need before purchasing the property.

If these services are something you require, need any more information about, or would like to hear about any of our other services, please feel free to get in touch with us! We’re here to help with any of your surveying needs.

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