TM44 Air Conditioning Compliance


How do I become AC Energy Performance Compliant?

On 4th January 2003 the European Parliament published a directive called the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, the EPBD which requires member states to bring in necessary laws on energy consumption and use. In respect of Air Conditioning an industry working group was set up and has produced a guidance paper which is effectively used as a bible for the industry. This paper is known as TM44 and all the Trafford Surveyors work undertaken in England and Wales is guided by TM44. The document is produced by CIBSE and is available on line.

TM44 Air Conditioning Compliance and Inspections
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Get AC Compliant with a Trafford Surveyors Certified Inspection

TM44 certified inspection provides guidance on carrying out the required inspections within reasonable constraints of time, cost and skills and gives conditioning assessments specific guidance on giving advice to the building. Those responsible for buildings with systems over 12kw need to comply unnecessary penalties from trading standards.

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You can print or download our detailed outline for TM44 inspection services by clicking the link below