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Our Commercial Surveys & Reports

We undertake all forms of commercial survey work for banks and private clients on commercial property such as shops, factories and warehouses. For example, valuations, dilapidations, schedules of condition and rent reviews. We are keen to provide you with an excellent and flexible service and will endeavour to beat any like for like quote you have received from other organisations.

Schedule of Condition Reports

A Schedule of Condition Report documents the existing condition of a building prior to a purchase, renting by tenants, commercial lease or a change of ownership. The condition and any damage which has already occurred as well as areas likely to give problems in the future.

Schedule of Dilapidations

A Most commercial leases allow the landlord to serve notice on the tenant, listing items that are in disrepair and requiring the tenant to comply with its repairing obligations. Trafford Surveyors specialises in calculating diminution in value claims under section 18 of the Landlord and Tenant Act of 1927.

Rent Review

Rent Review gives the landlord the opportunity to increase the rent at given periods during the term of the lease. For every rent review, Trafford Surveyors will carry out comprehensive research to determine likely outcomes and the best tactics to employ in negotiations. Case law can also have a major influence and we have access to all relevant information including knowledge of the local letting market.

Dilapidation Report

A Dilapidation Report generally applies to leased properties and is usually carried out at the end of a lease by the landlord. In preparing a schedule of dilapidation, the lease is examined and premises are inspected. The final report provides the information on the current condition of the property; work required to return the premises to their previous condition; estimates for the required works.
The tenant can produce their own dilapidations report should they believe the landlords to be unfair. Trafford Surveyors can represent either party.

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