Snagging Reports


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Snagging Reports for Contractor Accountability and Peace of Mind

As your project nears completion, contractors may miss key requirements or agreed upon features that only an experienced surveyor can find. Trafford Surveyors can oversee the closing phase of any contract to ensure that final requirements of the job is done in a comprehensive and professional like manner. Snagging is a normal extension of project management in construction or development, and a pre-purchase survey is a great compliment to a snagging report to ensure the property is completed to a satisfactory standard.

Why do I need a Snagging Report?

The process of evaluating internal and external snags is often overlooked. From a financial standpoint, the cost of conducting a snagging report on your property is greatly offset by the quality of your finished product. Homeowners and property managers alike will have peace of mind knowing that they won’t need additional work done to finish off the minor niggles the contractor had missed.

Trafford Surveyors | residential surveyors | commercial surveyors