Commercial Valuations

What are Commercial Valuations?

A commercial valuation is an inspection of commercial property such as shops, office space, warehouses, and other non-residential buildings to establish its value.

How do you establish the Market Value of a Commercial Property?

Unlike residential properties, when valuing a commercial building you have to take more into account than just the property itself. The location of the property is one of the most important, its accessibility and proximity with other commercial facilities can affect the value immensely and should always be one of the first things to consider before investing. If the property is in a ‘prime location’ (often in the middle of a city) it’s value will be higher due to its potentially higher earnings.

The potential for income is another factor. If the property has more space for tenants, its value will be increased as it could earn more. This also relates to location; offices in commercial districts will earn more, and thus have a higher value.

When conducting a commercial valuation, there is a diverse range of methods the surveyor can use. A combination of these methods will be used during the valuation process, dependant on the property.

Are Commercial Valuations Worth It?

When investing in commercial property, nearly all financial decisions will be affected by the valuation, so knowing how much the property is worth is vital. Property companies may claim to know the exact value, but their information may be dated or biased, so getting valuation advice from RICS registered surveyors is always worth the investment.

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