Sipp Valuations

What is a SIPP?

Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs) are a way to save money for your retirement. It is a type of personal pension that works in a similar way to standard personal pensions. SIPPs give you more control over your investments and give less control to the government and pension companies.

SIPPs are ideal for someone who wants all of their personal pensions to be kept together in one more manageable pot. They require management and attention, so when considering a SIPP fund, it’s important to consider how much time you’d be able to dedicate to the investments. However, you could also pay an authorised financial adviser to assist you, and their expertise has many benefits when investing.

How are SIPPs different to other Pension Plans?

A SIPP fund can offer wider investment options than other pension types, which allows investing in a wide range of assets. These may include:

·        Commercial property and land

·   Real estate investment trusts

What are SIPP Valuations?

A SIPP property valuation is an RICS Red Book survey on all residential and commercial property that has been invested as part of a SIPP. This can be done either before or after an offer has been made. The valuation will help you decide if you are making the best investment for you and the lender.

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