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Another Happy Customer

Many thanks for your prompt and professional service, it’s always a trying time selling a property, especially when it’s a leasehold and shared ownership.
Your service will help me along the way in achieving my sale, so once again a big thank you.
Kind Regards,
Allen Lownds

Bad loft modifications

Both images show dangerous modifications in order to install a boiler or loft ladder. The support is there for a reason and these are just 2 examples that could really damage the structure of your house.

Trafford Surveying Success

In the past months after the initial lockdown there have been many stories of businesses struggling and having to drastically alter the way they function simply to survive. For one Altrincham-based business the opposite has been the case. GM Business Connect caught up with managing director Paul Naylor from Trafford Surveyors to find out more about the ongoing success story of their business.

Can you briefly describe how Trafford Surveyors came about and have developed over the years?
“We have been steadily building our reputation now for 20 years. Previously I used to work with Longden and Cook. My old boss John Monkhouse FRICS was well known and respected in the area, and when the company folded I took over his business and client base. I had to change the name so chose something that represented what we do and where we come from – and Trafford Surveyors was created!

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Builders and Tradesmen – The backbone of Britain

Builders and tradesmen are the backbone of Britain, but if you’re unlucky enough to hire the wrong one, your life could be turned upside down. Dominic Littlewood is setting the ultimate snare – by rigging houses with secret cameras to catch rogue tradesmen and bad builders bang to rights.

Using cutting edge covert filming equipment in houses up and down the country, Dom will expose poor workmanship and dubious behaviour – and discovering what some of the nation’s tradesmen get up to when they think no one is watching.

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