Expert Witness Reports

Trafford Surveyors provide Expert Witness Reports in all sorts of disputes. We can give a range of levels of service to our clients in this category. Impartial testimonies with back up evidence and reports are needed on both sides in order to seek some reconciliation between the parties involved.

Legal disputes could relate to commercial property (for example structural defects), matrimonial matters usually to do with the family home, inheritance, SIPP, probate and professional negligence claims.
We can act for either party within a dispute, or as a court appointed Single Joint Expert.

All our expert witnesses are accredited by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors who combine in-depth, hands-on knowledge of property and or planning law.  Employees have undertaken in-depth expert witness training. We have built up a good reputation in this field.

We represent and also speak at conferences for claimants / defendants as a single or joint expert. 

Main topics include: 

Our professional and friendly team is committed to providing an excellent and diverse service. Please get in touch if you require specialist advice regarding which service is most appropriate to your needs.


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