Matrimonial or Divorce Valuations

What are Matrimonial Valuations?

A matrimonial valuation is a survey of a property that aims to provide a market valuation, that can be then used to decide how joint property assets can be divided for parties involved in divorce proceedings. A thorough investigation will provide the true value of a home or commercial property and is intended to make the separation easier for all involved. The valuation reports provided are essential when multiple assets have been shared in matrimony.

Should I get a Matrimonial Valuation?

Divorces are never easy, especially when they involve court proceedings. Your family home is your most valuable asset and can be a cause of many legal disputes during asset valuations. A matrimonial property valuation report, especially one conducted to RICS professional standards, helps make finding the value of your home as easy as possible.

Matrimonial valuations provide a fully impartial value for either party, mediators, or a court representative to reduce the chance of dispute later. Alternatively, both parties can instruct a charted surveyor to undertake the valuation if they would prefer to be equally involved.

An accurate matrimonial valuation is difficult to argue, but during divorce settlement assets cause the most friction. Should a dispute arise, and court proceedings be issued, expert witness reports can be provided by the RICS registered valuers where required.  

During what will be a stressful and sensitive time, a professional matrimonial valuation report can provide peace of mind for everyone and provides a concrete property value that makes it easier to make sure that your assets are divided fairly.

How long do Matrimonial Valuations take?

Matrimonial valuations can be done for the involved couple at once, or two separate impartial valuations can be conducted. Depending on the parties’ choice, valuations will take 2 days for one, and up to 5 for two. This means that the process can be completed quickly and proceedings will not be delayed.

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